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Preserve the memories of those you have lost. Remember them through collaboration with friends and family or by yourself. Creating a memorial preserves the memories that capture the essence of their humor, compassion, character, and keeps them alive and present. Start a FREE memorial for your loved one today by
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Memorial Keeper- Free online memorials to preserve the special memories and keep them alive. This images shows how our vision for Memorial Keeper was birthed out of our own need to preserve our loved ones memories.

It’s not just a memorial. It’s a lifetime of memories.

About Memorial Keeper

Our loved ones’ lives hold thousands of memories that we shared and experienced with them over the span of their lifetime. Overtime our minds, and the memories they hold, fade quickly.

When we fail to write down the stories and memories of our loved ones, they are at risk of being forgotten, never to be heard or retold again. The idea of them being gone forever is truly a horrifying thought.

We saw a common need

We began creating Memorial Keeper after my grandfather passed away. It occurred to me that my grandfathers lifetime of memories had never be written down and were at risk of never being remembered again. I wanted his grandchildren and great great grandchildren to have access to these memories about grandpa. I wanted future generations to be able to get a sense of what grandpa was like and what he loved… To get a sense of knowing and experiencing him. Stories can help us bond and identify with the person in the story. Although my children would never have the opportunity to meet their great-grandfather, I knew that hearing heartfelt stories told by the people who knew him best would be the closest thing to meeting him that they could experience.

In our journey to find a solution that would help us preserve our loved ones stories and provide tools for collaboration we soon discovered that others were also having difficulty finding a solution for their needs. We used this common need to work together to build a product that provides all the tools and structure to accommodate the needs.

A partnership made in heaven

Partner with Us

Our goal is to provide those that have lost someone they love with a free, intuitive, forever, space to celebrate and remember their loves ones life through stories. Partnering with Memorial Keeper allows the facility (funeral home or cemetery) to shoulder the costs of removing advertising from the end user and provides some benefits to the facility.

In exchange for the facility covering the cost of ad removal they receive a prominent, yet discrete static location displaying their company logo beside the words, “Sponsored by:”. Because of your generosity none of the visitors or contributors of the memorial will ever see any ads on the site- only your sponsorship. It’s a win win.

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